How to Tell if someone is on Steroids?

How to tell if someone is on steroids? How to tell if someone is on steroids: Steroids are common among athletes and bodybuilders and if you have the right knowledge you can easily spot if someone is using steroids or not. This knowledge can help you identify if a person benching 200kg is legit or the steroids are doing all the heavy lifting.

If you have just started to go to the gym, you might have noticed bodybuilders with perfect abs, benching heavyweights like they are nothing. Their muscles popping out of the shirts and always a high intensity to do more work out and on the other hand, you are deciding how you want to warm up your body. You might get motivated by them and start to grind hard at the gym, adopting a clean diet, and never compromising on the commitment.

Even after all the hard work, you neither have muscles nor the strength like the dude that you used to admire. If you are confused then you must stop. The main reason you are not like him is that you have adopted a natural route to gain while he chose the aid of anabolic steroids.

Yes, anabolic steroids do wonders in helping out a person who wants to increase muscle mass in a short time. So, you might wonder how you can spot people using steroids from the bodybuilders going with the natural process. Let’s discuss a few points that can help you in identifying if someone is on steroids. Testol 140, a substitute for RAD 140 Sarms, is made to encourage quicker recuperation following intense exercise.

How to tell if someone is on steroids Timeline of gaining muscle mass:

If you want to check if someone is on anabolic steroids, you can easily do not by following the timeline in which he has gained muscle. The timeline will allow you to compare how long it was taken to grow a beast body like that. Gaining muscle mass is not easy. If the guy gained like 3 to 4 pounds in quick session then he is definitely using steroids as gaining muscle naturally requires years.

Steroids work like magic and allow them to grow the mass within a few weeks. So, if your guy beefed up in weeks then he is definitely on steroids. Anabolic steroids speed up the process of protein synthesis allowing the growth cells to multiple muscle mass at a fast pace showing results within few weeks.

How to tell if someone is on steroids Bloated Stomach:

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Anabolic steroids activate the growth hormones and the body starts to gain muscle mass in a quick time. You might have noticed bodybuilders having a bloated stomach. We are talking about the shape here. They might have shredded abs on that stomach but the abnormal growth of the stomach.

If you see someone like that you can say for sure that he has used steroids or growth hormones that made the muscle mass to grow in that manner. Growth hormones force the organs in the stomach to swell up and the abdomen seems bloated to other people. Some steroids also cause the retention of water in the body so your whole body might be bloated even your face.

How To Tell If Someone Is On Steroids: Bodybuilders using steroids sometimes allow the water to be retained to have a washed-out look in off-seasons.


In men, acne is not common. They might get a pimple or two but they have never experienced body acne. If you see a person with body acne, you can safely say that the person is using anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids disturb the natural balance of hormones. Anabolic steroids increase testosterone levels in the body and these hormones control sebaceous glands.

When hormones are disturbed sebum is excreted through the gland blocking the pores of the skin. These blocked pores then result in body acne so you can easily say body acne is caused by steroids.

How to tell if someone is on steroids Shredding:

Losing fat and gaining muscle mass is one tiresome process and if you are going with a natural process you cannot achieve both simultaneously. Moreover, diet plans are different for both processes so, you have to choose which one you want.

However, if you spot a person gaining mass quickly and losing fat at the same time then he is definitely on steroids which are helping him to achieve both things at the same time. So, observe the signs of steroids before getting impressed by someone’s shredded look.

How to tell if someone is on steroids Small bone structure but high muscle mass: You might have noticed uneven bodies of bodybuilders like all that muscle should not be there. All the muscles do not support the body structure and he looks weird like something is wrong. For natural bodybuilders, their bone structure defines the muscle mass. You cannot have a small wrist with one strong forearm naturally.

However, steroids change the dynamics significantly. You can easily tell that steroids are helping to gain the extra muscle mass that is transforming the body into one beast build. Androgen receptors in the muscle respond whenever steroids are administered in the body and with routine exercise, muscles start to grow quicker disregarding the body structure.

Flushed Skin:

People on steroids might have flushed skin as in workouts their body temperature increase rapidly as compared to normal people. Steroids increase the blood pressure levels of the person and due to that their skin might show a little red or pink to other people. So, you can easily tell if a person is on steroids by looking at the flushed skin. Steroids also make you sweat a lot so if someone is red and sweating heavily then it might be the steroids talking.


This symptom is rare as it only happens when hormones get disturbed by too many steroids and the body starts to produce more estrogen than testosterone. Excess of estrogen can result in transforming breast tissues. So, if you notice a person with somewhat developed breasts then you can say that he might have abused steroids in the past.

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